Featured image of post Download: IntelliJ 2023.3.5

Download: IntelliJ 2023.3.5

IntelliJ is JetBrains integrated development environment. It is an IDE that is easy to use, works with many programming languages and has many built-in features. While IntelliJ is mainly associated with Java and Kotlin development, it also supports Python, Scala, Groovy, Ruby, Rust, many web languages and more, and also a lot of frameworks.

IntelliJ has two editions, a community and an ultimate edition. The community edition is free to use, but doesn’t contain all the fatures. Also, there are mnay derivates from IntelliJ specifically focused on certain languages, frameworks or workflows. JetBrain’s IDE also has a large ecosystem of plug-ins making the IDE more useful.

What’s new

JetBrains released version 2023.3.5 of its IntelliJ development environment. This version is a small update and fixes a couple of bugs. One of the fixed bugs caused invalid Maven wrapper settings when a language pack was installed or removed. Also, an issue was solved where the Project Errors tab showed outdated information and a couple of UI bugs were fixed. You can find the complete changelog below, together with the download links.

Screenshot of IntelliJ


Version number 2023.3.5
Release state Stable
Platforms Windows, macOS, Linux
Released at 12 March 2024
Developer JetBrains
License Paid and free versions


You can either download and install IntelliJ manually, or use the Toolbox app from JetBrains to easily get notified of new IDE releases and manage your JetBrains IDEs.


Build. Maven Bug IDEA-338796 Maven wrapper settings become invalid after language pack installation/deinstallation
Code Analysis. Inspection Bug IDEA-344500 “Project Errors” tab continues showing outdated project errors even when they are resolved
Bug IDEA-268192 Outdated inspection warning which stays forever despite changed source code
Frameworks. Protoeditor Bug IDEA-342601 protoeditor ignores custom descriptor path
Frameworks. Spring Bug IDEA-348051 Spring GraphQL: incorrect gutter icon
Java Bug IDEA-340879 Revert making org.jetbrains.jps.builders.java.dependencyView.Mappings final
User Interface Bug IDEA-341318 Wrong screen scaling set randomly, sometimes becomes normal after IDE restart
Bug IDEA-340046 UI buttons problem
User Interface. Problems View Bug IDEA-343358 Java: Problems stuck in Project Problems view
Core. Plugin Model Task IJPL-626 Do not show updates for disabled plugins
Last updated on Mar 13, 2024 10:35 +0100